What Are Double-Glazed Windows & Why Are They a Good Idea for My Home in Laramie, WY?

If you’re like many homeowners in the market for replacement windows, you may be a bit puzzled by the dazzling array of features advertised for new windows these days. Recent advancements in window construction have led to the availability of energy-saving features that can dramatically lower a homeowner’s heating and cooling costs. Double-glazed windows, also known as double-paned windows, are among the most common types of energy-efficient windows, and they’re practically a must-have for homeowners in Laramie and surrounding Wyoming communities.

Why Have Double-Glazed Windows Become Standard?

Double-glazed windows feature two parallel panes of glass, and usually the space between them is filled with inert gas. This type of construction provides insulating benefits that dramatically reduce the amount of heat that escapes from your home in the wintertime and that can invade your home through the window glass in the summer. This means you’ll likely need to turn to your heating and cooling systems less often to keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round. In this region, double-glazed windows provide a terrific barrier against the biting cold weather we often experience for several months every year.

What to Look for Besides Double Glazing

At ABC Seamless of Cheyenne, we take pride in outfitting homes in this region with the best exterior upgrades on the market to meet our customers’ needs for curb appeal and protection against the weather. To this end, we expertly install custom-manufactured, double-glazed windows with ultra-durable vinyl frames. Our beautiful windows are:

  • ENERGY STAR® certified, so you’ll know they meet industry and government standards for energy efficiency
  • Made with glass that has extra layers of low-emissivity (Low-E) coating, an energy-saving feature that exceeds industry standards
  • Available with additional energy-saving options such as triple-paned glass

At ABC Seamless of Cheyenne, we’ll be happy to share our expertise in the home improvement business to help you choose the best combination of energy-efficient and aesthetic features in vinyl replacement windows that are made to order for your home. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation at your home anywhere in the Laramie area.

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