Why Choose ABC Seamless Metal Siding for Your Home in Ranchettes, WY?

Upscale two-story home with light gray lap siding and patches of snow in the yard and street in front Vinyl and wood have long been popular siding choices for homes throughout the United States, but in the Ranchettes area, those siding options don’t fare well against a home exterior’s top natural enemy: hail. It takes rugged metal siding to stand up to Mother Nature in the Wyoming climate, and ABC Seamless of Cheyenne is the company to turn to for premium steel siding that will go the distance.

The Merits of Our Metal Siding

ABC Seamless siding is made from premium-gauge steel that’s galvanized to prevent rust and finished with a fade-resistant coating so it will hold its color through many years of sun exposure. The ABC Seamless brand of metal siding is well known for its ability to protect homes in cold-weather climes like ours, and it’s also ideal for Wyoming homeowners because it’s:

Energy Efficient

Our insulated steel siding will help keep your indoor temperatures consistent no matter what the weather is doing outside, which means you may be able to save money on your heating and cooling bills.

Impact Resistant

The seamless steel siding we install is engineered for exceptional resistance to damage from hail, windblown debris, and the errant rocks kicked up by your lawnmower.


Our metal siding is exceptionally fire resistant—a true perk in a region where wildfires are quite common.

Wind Resistant

Our best-in-class installation practices include measuring and cutting your metal siding panels so they stretch from one corner of your house to the next with no spliced-together segments. This reduces the siding’s vulnerability to blowoff. We’ll also affix your siding to your home with screws instead of nails, thus exceeding the practices of many siding installation companies serving this area.

ABC Seamless steel siding is also backed by a lifetime warranty and available in a generous selection of colors and styles.

Would you like to learn more about the industry-leading metal siding we install for homeowners throughout the Ranchettes area? Contact ABC Seamless of Cheyenne today for more information.

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“The siding my house is even more energy efficient. The vinyl windows have been a welcome addition as well. They are easy to clean and maintain. I was so impressed with the quality of workmanship.”

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