Is Steel Siding Expensive?

When it’s time to replace the siding on your home, there are many different considerations to bear in mind. One of the most important decisions will be about the type of siding itself, and with that, how much it costs. Today, there are countless options out there, including vinyl, fiber cement, steel, aluminum, and composite materials. Each one offers its own features, benefits, and price points that you’ll need to weigh.

When looking just at the features and benefits of different types of siding, many homeowners find that steel siding offers numerous advantages. Steel siding is low maintenance, energy efficient, exceptionally durable, and environmentally friendly. You won’t have to worry about insects and pests, nor about it catching fire. All of these benefits make steel siding an exceptionally high-performing and lasting siding solution for your home.

The Initial Investment of Steel Siding

With all of the great benefits that steel siding has to offer, one of the perceived disadvantages may be cost. In general, the initial investment in having steel siding installed is higher than other types of siding. Typically, vinyl siding offers the cheapest initial investment, while options like natural wood, fiber cement, and stucco are some of the most expensive. The cost of steel siding typically falls in the middle—higher than vinyl but lower than wood and other premium materials.

The Long-Term Value of Steel Siding

While the initial investment is an important consideration, it’s also important to consider the long-term value of steel siding. For instance, vinyl siding is typically expected to last between 20 and 40 years. Meanwhile, steel siding typically lasts around 50 to 60 years or longer. If you opt for vinyl siding because of the lower upfront cost, you’ll be looking at another siding replacement project much sooner than you would with steel siding. Therefore, the long-term value of steel siding can make the higher upfront cost more worthwhile. Additionally, even if you don’t plan to stay in your current home for 20 or more years, the resale value of your home will be higher with steel siding because it’s a more durable and longer lasting material.

How Much Will Steel Siding Cost You?

The exact cost of a steel siding replacement project for your home will depend on many different factors: the area you live in, the amount of siding needed, the complexity of the project, and the workmanship of the siding company you choose. To help determine the exact cost of steel siding for your home—and if it will fit within your budget—your best bet is to contact several siding contractors in your area to request an estimate. This can help you get a sense of what to expect for your specific siding replacement needs.

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