How Long Does Steel Siding Last?

House with steel sidingThe desire to have a one-and-done siding replacement is among the top reasons that homeowners invest in steel siding. Simply put, there are few – if any – siding alternatives that will last as long as steel with the same minimal requirements for maintenance. For homeowners in Cheyenne, Wyoming, steel siding is an especially worthwhile investment because exterior siding in this region is likely to take abuse from hailstorms and windblown debris. Frankly, many other types of house siding aren’t up to the task. In fact, no other siding takes a beating and comes out looking as beautiful as the seamless steel siding installed on homes in this area by ABC Seamless of Cheyenne.

Do it Once. Do it for Life. Do it with Steel.

When you have our company expertly install ABC Seamless steel siding on your home, your investment will be protected by an industry-leading lifetime warranty that can be transferred to the next homeowner should you decide to sell your home. This warranty will provide you with peace of mind that your investment is well protected. Moreover, it is also a sign of the manufacturer’s confidence in its siding’s ability to beautify and protect your home for 50 years or more.

How Installation Expertise Affects Longevity

Although steel makes a remarkably tough siding material in and of itself, ABC Seamless makes it even better by using only premium-grade steel that’s galvanized to prevent rust. This is the top-quality material we’ll customize for your home when you partner with ABC Seamless of Cheyenne for your siding replacement. But that’s only the beginning. Another reason our siding outlasts others on the market is our industry-best installation practices. These start when our factory-trained technicians cut our steel panels so that your siding will stretch from one corner of your home to the next without any seams that could compromise weather resistance. We’ll also take extra steps to ensure that your siding is securely affixed to your home and able to stay put during powerful windstorms.

For more information about the seamless steel siding we install for homeowners in Cheyenne and surrounding communities, contact ABC Seamless of Cheyenne today.

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