Does a Bay Window Add Value to a Home?

Exterior view of a bay window configuration in twilight looking in on warm interior lighting and people relaxing in a living roomNo matter how you measure the value of a home renovation, a bay window is among the upgrades that deliver the biggest bang for the buck. As an exterior upgrade, it offers a touch of charm that yields a nearly surefire boost in curb appeal. From an interior remodeling standpoint, a bay window significantly lifts the visual appeal of any indoor décor while also providing usable shelving space or even square footage.

Whether a bay window boosts a home’s resale value depends on a number of factors. But a well-maintained bay window is apt to draw the interest of potential homebuyers and therefore increase the likelihood of a speedy sale.

If you’re thinking of adding a bay window to your home or replacing the worn one you already have, you’ll want to consider the many benefits beyond curb appeal that you’ll reap when your home sports this window style. To fully understand the value of a bay window, it’s helpful to think about how it’s constructed, so let’s briefly review that here.

What Is a Bay Window?

A bay window is actually a configuration of three windows that are installed at angles so that they project outward from the exterior wall of a home. Variations in the installation angles create different architectural effects. For example, bay windows installed at 90-degree angles will appear boxy and modern, while wider angles will deliver a classic, more rounded effect. This makes a bay window an attractive choice for almost any style of home architecture.

Moreover, homeowners who opt for bay windows have choices for the types of windows that make up the configuration. They can have their bay window built from three picture windows of the same size. Or the center window can be a picture window flanked by either double-hung or casement windows. Including operable windows in your bay window configuration will provide you with valuable options for welcoming fresh air into your home. And even if all the windows in your configuration are stationary, your bay window will welcome an abundance of natural light into your home and deliver a panoramic view of the outdoors that few other window styles can match.

Can You Replace a Flat Window With a Bay Window?

In many cases, a bay window can be installed in the existing window opening of your home. This is not a do-it-yourself project, however. You will need to partner with a highly skilled window installer who can evaluate your home to determine whether there’s adequate structural support for a bay window and advise you as to whether additional renovations may be needed to accommodate the upgrade.

You’ll also want to make sure you evaluate the replacement windows available from your selected window contractor to ensure that they’re weather resistant and energy efficient. Plus, if you’re like most homeowners today, you’ll want new windows that require little upkeep to maintain their like-new appearance year after year.

Bay Window Installation Services for Wyoming & Colorado Homeowners

At ABC Seamless of Cheyenne, we pride ourselves on offering high-performance replacement windows that are custom crafted to fit the openings of our customers’ homes. They’re made with premium virgin vinyl frames and energy-efficient glass that deliver exceptional value to homeowners in our southern Wyoming and northern Colorado service area. What’s more, we’ve been installing beautiful, energy-efficient windows in homes in this region since our company’s founding in 1997, and we’ve amassed many glowing reviews from customers who appreciated our meticulous workmanship and dedication to providing excellent customer service.

Our replacement windows are available in many styles, including bay and bow configurations, and you’ll have plenty of customization options to choose from. Contact ABC Seamless of Cheyenne today if you’d like more information.

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