Choosing the Best House Siding for Cold Climates

Best House Siding for Cold ClimatesDo you live in an area where extended seasons of cold weather are the norm? If so, and you’re planning to replace your house siding, you have several factors to consider that homeowners in other parts of the country worry less about. Choosing the best siding to keep your home warm and cozy with less reliance on your heating system probably leaps to mind. Indeed, no matter which siding you select, you’ll want to make sure it provides excellent insulation.

However, homes in cold-climate regions like Colorado and Wyoming, for example, must also endure weather-related attacks such as hail, sleet, and excessive snowfall. What’s more, some types of house siding—vinyl siding, for example—can become brittle and crack when exposed to extremely low temperatures.

Steel Siding Reigns Supreme

By just about any measure you can name, steel siding outperforms other types of cladding when it comes to protecting homes in cold-climate areas. Here are two of the many reasons why:

Innate Properties Make Steel the Ideal House Siding

Steel does not absorb moisture like wood, and it’s far more resistant to shrinking and swelling than either wood or vinyl. If properly installed, it won’t crack, warp, or leave gaps between panels, which could allow cold air to seep into your home and drive up your heating costs.

Exceptional Resistance to Impact Damage

No type of siding takes a beating better than steel. When you invest in high-quality steel siding, your home will be protected from unsightly damage during hailstorms. And, for homeowners in areas prone to powerful windstorms, steel siding is the best option to resist damage from airborne debris.

Of course, it’s not enough to simply choose steel siding to protect your home from the damaging effects of a cold climate. You’ll want to choose high-quality steel siding that’s engineered for extra weather resistance, and you’ll want to ensure that it’s expertly installed.

If you live in southern Wyoming or northern Colorado, you can turn to ABC Seamless of Cheyenne for expert installation of industry-leading seamless steel siding on your home. Contact us today for more information.

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