What to Look for When Evaluating Siding Contractors for a Replacement Project at Your Home in Laramie, WY

Hiring a siding contractor is not a task that most homeowners undertake very often. So it’s understandable if you feel a little overwhelmed when you decide it’s time to replace the siding on your home and you discover there’s a long list of contractors serving the Laramie area who offer siding installation. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you whittle your list of contractors under consideration:

Wyoming Winters Are Tough on Siding

In the Laramie area, you need rugged siding that will protect your home, come hail or high winds. Yet you don’t want to sacrifice curb appeal and energy efficiency. Investing in insulated steel siding is the best way to shield your home from the elements. Some of the features that make insulated steel siding the obvious choice for homeowners in this area include:

  • Exceptional resistance to damage from impact, including hail and windblown debris
  • Fire resistance that’s superior to almost all other cladding options
  • Excellent ratings for energy efficiency, so that your home can stay cozy without running up your heating costs

Your Siding Will Perform Only as Well as the Contractor Who Installs It

It’s critical to consider the expertise of any siding contractor you’re thinking of partnering with for your upcoming project. At ABC Seamless of Cheyenne, we not only offer the best siding for homes in this area – our signature seamless steel siding, which is available in a wide variety of styles and colors – but we’re also factory certified to install it. This means you can have confidence in our level of expertise. What’s more, we take extra steps that other siding contractors don’t – including meticulously affixing your siding to your home with screws instead of nails to increase its already impressive wind resistance.

For more information about the seamless steel siding we expertly install for homeowners in the Laramie area, contact ABC Seamless of Cheyenne today.

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