Board and Batten Siding Will Elevate the Appearance of Your Fort Collins, CO, Home

Two door garage on modern home with light green board and batten siding

When it comes to upgrading their home’s exterior, most people have a long wish list. This is especially true in the case of house siding. Homeowners want a siding product that will protect their home from whatever Mother Nature could throw at it and is as beautiful as it is durable. Because of this, many modern homeowners are choosing to invest in metal when it’s time to replace their siding.

For residents of Wyoming and Colorado, choosing a metal siding contractor is easy. ABC Seamless of Cheyenne is the leading provider of seamless steel siding in Fort Collins and beyond, and our steel board and batten siding is one of the best products on the market for homeowners seeking a durable and fashionable siding option. Board and batten siding is a star in the world of home remodeling. It’s a siding technique that has been around for centuries, and it’s still a popular choice for many homes in Wyoming and Colorado.

What Is Board and Batten Siding?

You’ve likely seen this siding style before on some of your neighbors’ houses or in architectural or design magazines. Board and batten siding is composed of vertical boards, with narrower strips called “battens” covering the seams. The style dates back more than 200 years, and originally both the boards and battens were formed from wood. It was a more energy-efficient choice of siding compared to stacked-log cabins, another popular option at the time. Nowadays, we have even sturdier siding options like seamless steel siding, but many homeowners still love the tradition that the board and batten siding style offers. Luckily, Colorado homeowners can have the best of both worlds with fashionable steel board and batten siding installed by ABC Seamless.

Our Energy-Efficient Vertical Metal Siding

Besides the board and batten siding style, which seems to always be on trend no matter the year, you know what else is in vogue these days? Saving energy! The vertical metal siding we offer is ENERGY STAR® certified, built to prevent heat transfer through the walls and keep your home comfortable. Our experienced factory-trained technicians know just how to attach your new siding so that you can take full advantage of these energy-saving benefits.

But energy efficiency is far from the only benefit of our seamless steel siding. This tough siding option is also fire-resistant, impact-resistant, and unlikely to warp, crack, or fade. In other words, it will maintain a like-new appearance for years to come. Furthermore, it requires little to no maintenance to keep looking its best. And when you choose to install an especially gorgeous vertical metal siding option like the board and batten siding style, you’ll be increasing your home’s marketability by adding undeniable curb appeal.

Looking for more information about getting board and batten siding installed on your Fort Collins, CO, home? Reach out to ABC Seamless today and get your questions answered by an expert in vertical metal siding products!

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