Board and Batten Siding in Beautiful Seamless Steel for Homes in the Cheyenne, WY, Area

Board and Batten Cheyenne WY

If you want the classic look of board and batten siding for your home in Cheyenne, Wyoming, or a neighboring community, but you also want cladding that’s far superior to wood, turn to ABC Seamless of Cheyenne. We’re a locally owned home improvement company with a name that’s nationally known for top-caliber, ultra-durable seamless steel siding, available in your choice of the most popular vertical and horizontal styles.

What is Board and Batten Siding?

While board and batten siding has a timeless beauty that makes it a popular choice of siding today, it has a history of nearly 200 years. It was praised as being more efficient to build than log cabins, which was the other common siding choice all those decades ago. Our board and batten siding is a type of vertical metal siding that consists of two main pieces: the boards, which are thick vertical planks that make up the majority of the surface, and the battens, which are thin strips that cover the seams between boards.

While originally each piece served a function, modern board and batten siding rarely requires the seams to be covered, thus battens have been reduced to decoration. Many homeowners are turning to seamless steel siding for a modern and exceedingly durable choice of siding. For those who love the superior protection of a metal exterior but prefer a more traditional style of décor, metal board and batten siding is the perfect solution. Homeowners can also get our seamless steel siding in a reverse board and batten pattern for a distinctive, deeply grooved effect that’s sure to draw admiring looks from your neighbors.

A Myriad of Reasons to Choose Metal Siding

The board and batten siding ABC Seamless offers homes in the Cheyenne, WY, area mimics the natural beauty of wood but requires far less maintenance. Indeed, because it’s manufactured from heavy-duty, galvanized steel, our siding outperforms wood in every endurance category. For example:

  • It won’t rot, mildew, or fall prey to termites and other bugs.
  • It never needs painting, power-washing, or sealing.
  • Its seamless construction not only provides a more attractive look, but also eliminates the cracks you see in sectional siding that makes it vulnerable to moisture and dirt.
  • It’s far more impact resistant than wood or vinyl and will emerge from a hailstorm still looking beautiful.

Moreover, our seamless steel siding is ENERGY STAR® certified, so your home will enjoy outstanding thermal protection that can help you save money on your heating and cooling costs. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that your investment is well protected.

Why Choose ABC Seamless?

There are many reasons Wyoming residents choose ABC Seamless for new house siding. First and foremost, the quality of our seamless steel siding. There’s no better source for exceptionally crafted seamless steel siding. With all the different colors and styles we can offer, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing appearances for the better durability metal siding provides. Plus, when you partner with us, your home will receive a professional installation by factory-trained technicians with years of experience, so you can have confidence that your home will have exceptional curb appeal and uncompromised protection for many years to come.

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To find out how you can enjoy the aesthetic appeal of beautiful board and batten siding for your home in Cheyenne, WY, plus get all the strength and protection of seamless steel, contact ABC Seamless today. Or stop by our showroom and let our friendly staff help you make the ideal siding selection for your home.

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